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AJS 542 Week 5 Hate Crime Analysis

AJS 542 Week 5 Hate Crime Analysis
AJS 542 Week 5 Hate Crime Analysis -

Select one group or population that has been the target of a hate crime.

Write a 1,050–1,400-word analysis in which you do the following:
· Provide a brief description as to what specific factors serve as the basis for victimization; for example, race, religion, or sexual orientation
· Identify applicable specific case examples.
· List restorative justice models that could be used for your chosen group.
· Explain the benefits and challenges of the use of restorative justice.
· Selecta contemporary research instrument to measure the victimization of your chosen group. Provide rationale for your choice.
· Identify which of the criminological theories discussed in the course explain the victimization of this individual, group, or population. Provide rationale for the selection.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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