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AJS 542 Week 1 Personal Criminological Theory

AJS 542 Week 1 Personal Criminological Theory
AJS 542 Week 1 Personal Criminological Theory -

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper describing your personal criminological theory. Address the following in your paper:
· How would you explain the occurrence of crime and why people commit crime?
· What variables would you consider?
· Identify assumptions on which your theory is based.
· What methodologies could you use to evaluate it?
Please note – this paper is to describe your own personal criminological theory. While you can draw from theories that you are aware of, this paper is not simply a summary of theories which you agree with! Please make sure your paper not only explains your own personal criminological theory, but also clearly states the variables you are considering, the assumptions you are making, and the methodology which would be used to test your theory. Make sure your paper has an introduction and a conclusion. Also, make sure your paper follows APA formatting. This refers not only to the citations and reference page, but also to the title page and body of the paper. If you have any questions regarding what is required in APA formatting, please go to the Center for Writing Excellence and review the information found there. Finally, if you are going to refer to outside sources, please be sure they are scholarly sources --- Wikipedia is not a scholarly source! The final individual assignment is based on this first assignment, so please make sure the first assignment is complete.

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