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BSHS 322 Week 1 Human Service Scenario Analysis

BSHS 322 Week 1 Human Service Scenario Analysis
BSHS 322 Week 1 Human Service Scenario Analysis -

Choose a human services client who has a different background than your own.

Describe the client’s background, including his or her age, gender, and racial or ethnic group.

Identify the client’s presenting issue.

Create a case scenario for this client.

Write a 1,000- to 1,250-word analysis of how you would interview the client that includes the following:

·         Your personal communication style with this client

·         How you would establish an effective working relationship with this individual

·         Any self-disclosure or boundary issues that may occur

·         Attending behaviors and helping techniques you would use and what models they relate to

·         Nonverbal communication you would look for and why it would be relevant

·         Any special communication needs or cultural sensitivities that may be specific to a diverse or disenfranchised client

·         Types of groups related to the individual’s scenario

·         A recommendation that this individual participate in group sessions or receive individual help

Include 3 to 6 references in your paper.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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