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HUM 111 Week 7 Quiz

HUM 111 Week 7 Quiz
HUM 111 Week 7 Quiz -

Question 1

Why is a dancing Shiva commonly portrayed within a circle of fire?

  • To instruct his followers on how to worship him
  • To symbolize his creative and destructive powers
  • To represent the mystical state dancing creates
  • To represent his incarnation as sun god


Question 2

Why did the Mesoamerican cultures view Teotihuacán as a holy site?

  • It is in the center of their lands
  • It was home to the largest of their temples
  • It was the site of the largest jade mine
  • It was their mythic place of origin


Question 3

What development enabled the Chinese to build suspension bridges and pagodas?

  • Concrete
  • Pointed arches
  • Iron- and steel-casting
  • Flying buttresses


Question 4

Why must the Yoruba king cover his face with rows of beads?

  • To prevent his subordinates from looking at him
  • To conceal his identity from his people
  • To shield viewers from the power of his gaze
  • To avoid seeing the suffering of his people


Question 5

What immediate act by the first shogun, Yoritomo, defined his rule?

  • Land grants to his followers
  • Destruction of Buddhist temples
  • Establishment of Confucianism as state religion
  • Cessation of contact with the outside world


Question 6

Why did Louis IX design the royal chapel of Sainte-Chapelle with two entrances?

  • So the worshippers had two exits in case of a fire
  • So visitors could enter at one end and exit at the other
  • So the stone walls had a less solid appearance
  • So the royal family could enter at a higher level


Question 7

Who designed the Abbey of Saint-Denis's renovation and thus began the Gothic style?

  • Abbot Jesse
  • Thomas Aquinas
  • Abbot Suger
  • Louis VII


Question 8

Why was light vital to Saint Denis's design?

  • It is the physical and material manifestation of God
  • To compete with the well-lit Muslim mosques
  • Window openings made the spires less heavy
  • To contrast with the dark Romanesque churches


Question 9

What two subjects did Scholasticism seek to reconcile?

  • Christian faith and classical reason
  • The quadrivium and the trivium
  • The Trinity or the oneness of God
  • Salvation through faith or good works


Question 10

Why were so many of the cathedrals called Notre Dame ("Our Lady")?

  • They were dedicated to France's Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine
  • They were dedicated to France, personified as "our lady"
  • They were dedicated to Mary Magdalene, the "bride of Christ"
  • They were dedicated to the Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven



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