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HUM 111 Week 2 Quiz

HUM 111 Week 2 Quiz
HUM 111 Week 2 Quiz -

Question 1

Neolithic Nok heads have an artistry based upon

  • animal imagery.
  • burial masks.
  • woven patterns.
  • abstract geometrical shapes.


Question 2

Why might the Olmec have carved their leaders’ heads in colossal size?

  • to intimidate potential attackers away from their sacred sites
  • to show the leaders as larger than life, like the gods
  • to provide supports for their sacred sites’ roofs
  • to serve as markers for the leaders’ graves


Question 3

What is the most basic architectural technique for spanning space?

  • post-and-lintel
  • corbel
  • cromlech
  • menhir


Question 4

The Olmec’s giant mounds where the priests dwelled are thought to have possibly represented

  • volcanoes.
  • pregnant wombs,
  • mountains.
  • female breasts.


Question 5

Why can the potter’s wheel be considered one of the first mechanical and technological breakthroughs in history?

  • It allowed artisans to produce uniformly shaped vessels in short periods of time.
  • It provided an alternative to creating vessels by casting metal.
  • It enabled clay to be fired to a hot enough temperature to be hardened.
  • It created an adequately smooth surface for pots to be painted.


Question 6

Why is the Royal Standard of Ur such an important discovery?

  • It provides the only known images of Sargon I
  • It is one of the earliest example of historical narrative
  • It shows the type of weapons the Sumerians possessed
  • It is the first example of music being shown in art


Question 7

What did lost-wax casting enable the Mesopotamian sculptors to create?

  • More lifelike-looking bronze pieces
  • Many copies of their bronze works
  • Larger and more lightweight bronze pieces
  • Stronger and more durable bronze pieces


Question 8

What were ziggurats most likely designed to resemble?

  • A city
  • A garden
  • A volcano
  • A mountain


Question 9

Why did the arts develop in Mesopotamia?

  • As celebrations of the priest-kings' power
  • As commodities for the inter-city trade network
  • As decorations for the ziggurats' interiors
  • As votive offerings to the gods


Question 10

What does Hammurabi's code tell about the position of Mesopotamian women?

  • They were given the same legal rights as men
  • They were considered sacred daughters of the goddess Ishtar
  • They were inferior to men, on the same level as slaves in some ways
  • They were immune from punishments imposed on men


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