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HSA 515 Week 5 Midterm Exam Part 2

HSA 515 Week 5 Midterm Exam Part 2
HSA 515 Week 5 Midterm Exam Part 2 -

Question 1

Pharmacist who submits Medicaid claims for reimbursement on brand name medications rather than on the less expensive generic drugs actually dispensed



Question 2

Conferencing a case in an attempt to avoid a trial and reach an acceptable conclusion to the parties



Question 3

Serious crime generally punishable by one or more years of imprisonment in a state or federal penitentiary



Question 4

Beginning in 1989 and continuing into the 1990s, when the AMA Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs began to pass a series if acts specifically aimed at Physicians’ ethical practices, they were targeting



Question 5

To fight health care fraud in both the public and private sectors, Congress passed into law



Question 6

Social harm defined and made punishable by law 



Question 7

A contract with a firm of anesthesiologists that requires that all anesthesia services for a hospital’s patients be performed by that firm

exclusive contract


Question 8

A contract that is inferred by law is

an implied contract


Question 9

The federal agency responsible for monitoring the marketplace and enforcing antitrust laws

Federal Trade Commission


Question 10

The law will enforce contracts only when they are executed between persons who are

competent to contract


Question 11

Each party to a contract must give up something of value in exchange for something of value. This is known as



Question 12

The ever-increasing number of alternative healthcare delivery systems has resulted in

a wide range of competitive schemes between an employer and employee that are questionable from an antitrust standpoint.


Question 13

The common law doctrine that holds a physician, for example, responsible for the acts of a nurse in the operating room when the physician directs the nurse to perform a particular medical act in the operating room and the nurse then performs it negligently and consequently injures the patient

borrowed servant doctrine


Question 14

That which is used to prove the facts of a case




Question 15

The first pleading filed in a malpractice case is a



Question 16

The common law doctrine by which the state and federal governments have been immune from liability for harm suffered by the tortious conduct of employees

sovereign immunity


Question 17

A formal objection by one of the parties of a lawsuit that the evidence presented by the other party is insufficient to support a suit



Question 18

A motion that asks a court to rule that there are no facts in dispute and that the rights of the parties can be determined as a matter of law, on the basis of submitted documents, without the need for a trial

summary judgment


Question 19

An organization’s code that provides guidance for behavior that helps carry out an organization’s mission, vision, and values.

Code of Ethics


Question 20

Liability holding both the physician and hospital responsible for a patient’ injuries is referred to as

joint liability


Question 21

A legal doctrine holding employers liable, in certain cases, for the wrongful acts of their employees

respondeat superior


Question 22

Not-for-profit health care facilities are usually exempt from federal taxation under Section 501(c)(3) of the

Internal Revenue Code of 1986


Question 23

Corporate authority that is derived from statutes

express corporate authority




Question 24

This committee is responsible for recommending to the governing body the use and development of organizational resources as they relate to the mission and vision of the organization

planning committee


Question 25

Income earned by tax-exempt organizations from non¬exempt activities is

subject to unrelated business income taxes under the Internal Revenue Code

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