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HSA 515 Week 5 Midterm Exam Part 1

HSA 515 Week 5 Midterm Exam Part 1
HSA 515 Week 5 Midterm Exam Part 1 -

Question 1

With the goal of providing the best professional, scientific and humanitarian care possible, the focus of efforts in hospital standardization was the



Question 2

Reform in medical education early in the 20th century was due to

Council on Medical Education and Hospitals


Question 3

The first American nursing school was established in 1872 at

Brigham and Women’s Hospital


Question 4

The person often referred to as the first hospital administrator 



Question 5

The inventor of the electrocardiograph, which marked the beginning of medicine in the 20th century 



Question 6

The discoverer of vitamins A and B (which played an important role in the advancement of medicine of the 20th century)



Question 7

The American College of Surgeons was founded in 1913 under the leadership of

Franklin H. Martin


Question 8

The person who claimed that the alarming number of deaths from puerperal fever was due to infection transmitted by students who came directly from the dissecting room to take care of maternity patients 



Question 9

As early as 1134 B.C. these ancient ruins demonstrate evidence that patients were being treated holistically

Greek temple


Question 10

The highest in the hierarchy of decisional law is

the U.S. Constitution


Question 11

The state that civil law of is rooted in the French and Spanish legal systems



Question 12

Extensive body of law issued by state or federal agencies to direct the enacted laws of the federal or state government.

administrative law


Question 13

Common law in the United States had its origins in



Question 14

Common law principle in which courts apply previous decisions to subsequent cases involving similar facts and questions

stare decisis


Question 15

The federal act that addresses the privacy of health information



Question 16

A major function of the executive branch of government

enforce and administer the law


Question 17

The federal Food and Drug Administration is an agency within the

Public Health Service


Question 18

Defense against recovery in a products liability case is

assumption of a risk


Question 19

Legal obligation that requires a person to conform to a specific standard of care to protect others

duty to use due care


Question 20

Wrongfully accusing someone of committing a crime

slander per se


Question 21

Medical malpractice is negligence committed by a

physician, pharmacist


Question 22

In this sample case, Dr. Miller, an obstetrician, was enjoying a 25th anniversary celebration and had a few drinks. He arrived at the hospital and was seen staggering toward the delivery room. Ms. Marshall suggested that the on-call obstetrician be called to perform the delivery. Dr. Miller insisted that he was quite capable of delivering the baby and the on call obstetrician was never called. During surgery, Dr. Miller accidentally nicked the patient’s right thigh with a scalpel. Liability for the injury extends to

Dr. Miller and the hospital


Question 23

A person who is physically restrained from leaving a health care facility for not paying a bill is a victim of

false imprisonment


Question 24

The legal wrong that is a violation of a person’s right to his or her own space

invasion of privacy


Question 25

Failure to act when there is a duty to act


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